LinkedIn Business Networking: Teams


Team Workshops to build your business presence online using the strength of your team – across all departments – is an essential tool in the online world we’re working in.

To fully enable your team’s online success, we provide unmatched LinkedIn tricks to build a loyal and high quality network of potential clients. Training in professional online communications that build relationships and impress clients with team authenticity and dedication to the business.

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Rates are per person with a maximum of 10 team members per workshop.


Linkedin Business Networking for Teams

Working within a team to achieve the same goals in 2022 is vastly different from 10 years ago. A visible online presence, a presentation of your skills, knowledge and commitment to your company products and services are essential cogs in the wheel of business success.

The Team LinkedIn Professional Networking workshop shows your team how to work together in building a proactive online presence that develops loyal, high quality connections and networks the team with qualified clients in a professional manner.

Team Workshops are invaluable opportunity to build internal relationships with a ‘team’ online presence building the business authenticity and strength in it’s employees loyalty.