What Started as a Branding Journey

became an Odyssey of Discovery beyond my imaginings

Predictive Ideology: designed to broadcast Me…  Bonnie Crofford, as a digital thought leader. Also a conduit to building my personal brand, showcasing it with the intention of making money from the time, effort, energy and knowledge invested.

The journey has been somewhat different to that… largely in part because the entire perspective of Predictive Ideology changed.

My research, findings, experiences and adventures led me down a vastly different path to the one I had intended in my quest to


Reach My Potential

I’ve see colors of the rainbow I never knew existed

in personalities I wouldn’t have ventured to know

in places I wouldn’t have otherwise explored, 

Myself included.



#Pi Under Construction

The Predictive Ideology website is in 'build' mode.

Constant changes to styling, imagery and content is likely until the majority of the permanent content is in place.

How long this will take depends largely on the impression I make in the moment to those with the power to support my efforts.

  • Opportunities in Digital Sphere Welcomed
  • Funding & Investment Enquiries Welcome
  • Support across all areas of business
Odyssey’s hopeful beginnings

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Predictive Ideology:


Every step of My Personal Transformational Digital Branding Journey.

What it means to brand yourself online, every step. A personal branding project.

Gory details, mistakes & all. 

EVOLVED INTO:  Thesis and Working Practice on Logically Alleviating Poverty.

Not much of this is really about Me.

It’s about the impact I can make on society.

 #Pi the Ideology: Origins & Phases

Keep learning because there’s always more to know.

Walk with #Pi through the obstacles and opportunities presented by the transformation of digital using disruptive technologies to make things better, for everyone.

Bonnie Crofford

Founder Predictive Ideology

Predictive Ideology - Digital Transformation in real time

Recent Thoughts

and subjects of #Pi interest

Intention & Purpose

#Pi Add Value

Because there’s always more to know
Using what I have learned through my intrepid journey of always seeking to know more
I build my business, my brand and the Ideological journey in my personal Digital Transformation.

What I have learned is that I’ll never know enough. And the more I learn the more I want to know. I’m an intelligent girl and tell lots of people how to make a good living quickly but have somehow missed the beat on doing so for myself. Currently in serious startup mode with nothing to lose and everything to learn for…

Always learning to learn more

When searching for a name to showcase what I know and learn along the way, an unseen but intricate part of who I am showed up…  

I honed in on the curiously mathematically scientific, techno side of me most people don’t know. To be allowed to say whats on my mind and be taken seriously was a ‘pi in the sky’ dream. I realised the only person I need permission from was Me. I have all the skills required to create a platform for me to be the voice.

To be taken seriously I’d need an intelligent, official, quantifiable, edgy name that also speaks volumes about the intricacy of what I know.

Searching for the Intelligent Solution to my Branding Problem

became an Odyssey of Discovery beyond my imaginings

To Be a Thought Leader one Must lead by design

Predictive Ideology - Pi symbol - Periodic Table Pi :: Predict


Also found in: Thesaurus, Medical, Legal, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia.
Related to predictive: predictive coding, Predictive text, predictive value



v. pre·dict·ed, pre·dict·ing, pre·dicts

To state, tell about, or make known in advance, especially on the basis of special knowledge: predicted an active hurricane season because of warmer ocean-surface temperatures

To foretell something

In Marketing: to foretell is to create a belief or trust in…

So there and then,,  Ideology was allocated a space at the Pi Table


Also found in: Thesaurus, Medical, Legal, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia.
Related to ideology:                                     Marxist ideology


(ī′dē-ŏl′ə-jē, ĭd′ē-)
A set of doctrines or beliefs that are shared by the members of a social group or that form the basis of a political, economic, or other system. 

Faith beyond Words

In the future you can track #Pi via the bot
Yay! Intention and Purpose of #Pi bot uncovered. Steps and Phases
In my spare time I’m learning about Bots. How to create, educate and train as well as to ensure their Intention and Purpose serve a Value Add to my audience. Thank You Graham Vorster for the reminders of Steps and Phases.
#Pi ... is working on perfection
Precision and Perfection are the aim.
During the process certain errors may be present and glaringly visible.
Please accept my apology for your inconvenience.
I’m working as fast as I am able to provide you with a pristine presentation.

#Pi the Ideology: Origins & Phases
Ideas need to be actioned
with style, grace and complete synchronicity with the flow of the doors that open.
Never assume the doors are the ones you’re most wanting. The path set out for you, especially when you’re stubborn, could be vastly different from anything your mind has ever explored. No drugs required. Just add Real Life.
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#Pi the Ideology: Origins & Phases
Emotional Freedom
Dreaming of the time when the team is assembled, productive and everything is moving like clockwork. Emotional Freedom: dare to dream it will one day be so…
Connect with Me
I engage in strategic digital marketing consultations
to assist you and your team ramp up your Digital presence
by adding a unique perspective on how you approach your digital journey
Don’t be afraid… learning is the adventure
Bonnie – 061159681

When asking God to help me reach my potential

or at the very least show me what it is

so I have a limit to reach,

he showed me a rainbow

with no real end or beginning

then lit the road for me to travel to find the answers

to the questions I kept asking …