Growth Strategies 2017: Employee Power in Connectivity

Find out Why Employee Power in Connectivity is the most vital part of your marketing mix for 2017 Brand Growth. The onset of digital has created a new world none

2017 Growth Strategy: Brand Your Staff

2017 Growth Strategy: Brand Your Staff Disruptive technology and digital transformation demand changes to marketing values and strategies: Millennials demand different: differentiate through unique strategies to make the most of

I’m breaking the rules by doing everything the digital way. Startups Tax yourselves differently I’ve set up this ‘crazy scheme’ which allows me to do things my way. As my

Africa, like every other country now has no excuse for being poor. All we need is connectivity. The majority of the population are not connected. I want to connect them.

Business processes, securities and spacial needs have changed dramatically since I started working in 1990. Yes.. Ancient. I concentrated very hard at school at being a straight C student so

Pi the Journey: Digital Transformation Brand to Business

Brand to Business: Digital Transformation Journey Brand to Business: Personal / Professional Branding Building a brand whether it be a business or a personal brand effectively requires certain elements to

The Five Fear Factors of Digital adoption

Tech innovation is terrifying us all: Why? During a recent conversation with a top executive in the digital stratosphere it became abundantly apparent that the digital world is causing fear

Business Fears stopping progress:: Digital Disruption

Business: where preconditioned fear of change is halting progress. Digital Disruption; meaning of The average business is preconditioned to believe that change is something to be feared. They become immobilised