Predictive Ideology – Pi, the journey: A step-by-step Canvas series on how to design & execute your full circle Digital Transformation Journey

Refreshing one’s online persona or rejuvenating your digital presence should be a regular occurrence.

As a Digital Marketing Strategist I have flurried about looking for the right way to present myself, my thoughts, experience, professional opinion, inherent understanding and deep passion for Digital, Technology, Marketing, Business, Ethics and Integrity.

The Digital Branding Journey

Brand Presence - Nobody Knows Me
Identify Product
Honest Answers

Pi the journey

A Digital Strategy Journey – from inception to fruit-bearing

Pi – Predictive Ideology is presented in a Journey Canvas format. The journey takes you along the paths of what it takes to breathe the life and soul into a Brand. From the time you conceptualise your product – that product being me – through every step of the Digital Branding process – as I live it, create, design, grow, strengthen and execute my plan, so I will be sharing it with you.

Pi the Journey is an ideal program for all startups! Getting the digital branding and marketing journey right the First Time saves money and time

Pi the Journey is the perfect way to rejuvenate a tired or dysfunctional digital presence into a seamless, effortless and fruitful Digital Transformation.

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Pi the Journey presented in a variety of formats from Presentations to Tools and Software that fit into the puzzle of the digital journey. Available only to subrscribers the mainstay of this Digital Journey is to encourage you to design your brand in an intelligent, focused, diligent and logical way to ensure your Digital Transformation Success;

Starting Out on day 1: Pi the Journey

  1. What I need in a Brand
  2. What is my product?
  3. What is my aim?

My First Scribble Notes
Then Came Pi The Journey
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