The Power in the ‘Gift of Identification’

The following is an audio clip: it’s my gift to you.

It’s very raw. My first ever, unpracticed, no notes, background noise audio as part of the collective plan.


To fully appreciate the gift, please sit still and follow the instructions:

Audio In Gratitude:
In Gratitude to all the Open Source, Free sharing and giving of the Internet World Imagining myself at the Gartner Symposium in the audience whilst a recording like this played. Wondering how it would make me feel. Digital and Tech has changed my world. My Gratitude goes deep.
Imagine yourself in a large room filled with peers, colleagues or friends. Numbers not correct.


Thank You for your time today and every day.

We (the collective) deeply Respect your brilliance. The gifts you’ve delivered through your hands, to my world and that of millions of people around the planet have changed and will continue to change our lives for the better.

Please accept our deepest gratitude for freely gifting us with your passionate endeavors to do it better, for offering us opportunities we couldn’t have imagined possible without you. In Kindness to you, for all that you do, I pass on what I have learned to those I touch, that you can’t reach. Bonnie Crofford - & All Who use the Internet


The Power of Identifying the Power in Your Hands

The power we hold in our hands can be seen in everything they achieve every day.

Gift of Identification Audio - Part of Grow to Give to Grow PsychologyThe Gift of Identification is a short, sharp way to compel powerful people to spend 5 minutes being conscious of their power.

My connectivity across the digital spectrum and business world gives me the power to compel thousands of people in short spaces of time to recreate their attitude to their power.


The objective of the program is

  • To generate a consciousness of the needs of children.
  • To Compel action through identifying personal power.
  • Most importantly to create sustainable planting projects where fruits will grow wild and free as should be in Africa.
  • The Collective Consciousness kicks in.
  • Collective ideology delivers the Gift of Identification The Gift that keeps on giving
  • Grow to Give to Grow becomes the central point of the process with funding to get the entire project propelled into growth — FEEDING –
  • The collective economy begins to form as the Digital/Tech Research, Training & Development Program will unfold through digital/tech funding as a result: Sparking Employment & widespread financial growth
  • Predictive Ideology grows in respect, trust and faith from the international Tech community: becoming a mainstay income engine.



The Gift of Identification of Power within:
Psychology and Marketing

What happens after you’ve planted one gooseberry?

For a little while you will be very conscious of your hands. How they have helped, what they do in a day. You may even be grateful to them. You probably won’t do much more than that for anyone else for a little while. At some point after you forget to look at your hands in gratitude you will be given an opportunity to help someone. The power of identifying your power will change a life.


The Gift of the Power of Identification


Thank You again for your time.

Please reply to the message sent with a short constructive feedback of changes, additions or if you hated it. Every opinion holds a value. Every value adds to the process of reaching perfection through continuous change.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.


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This is how the project began… It’s time we started feeding people. First Priority.

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