Racketeering Landlord – family of lawyers ousted for humanitarian rights violations

Landlord Racketeering family of Lawyers ousted by disruptive technology: Proving My Point My Thesis on Connectivity is the key to Poverty Alleviation is about to showcase itself in full colour.

Homeless Heroes teaching society that Giving is more important: Collective Ideology As a society we have so degraded ourselves to devalue a heartbeat above money. It’s a sadness that keeps

Employment is the common denominator across every sector of the economy. Without it business is doomed, the economy crashes Is there a solution to the Employment situation that is being

I’m breaking the rules by doing everything the digital way. Startups Tax yourselves differently I’ve set up this ‘crazy scheme’ which allows me to do things my way. As my

Africa, like every other country now has no excuse for being poor. All we need is connectivity. The majority of the population are not connected. I want to connect them.

Business processes, securities and spacial needs have changed dramatically since I started working in 1990. Yes.. Ancient. I concentrated very hard at school at being a straight C student so

Mode: Startup – Funding search, research and discovery in 2016. I’ve been in startup mode for a while not knowing which way is west with Brilliant ideas but no way

The Tipping Point of Widespread Adoption

Acceptance of Brand: The Tipping Point of Widespread Adoption Depending on the Brand, product, service or ‘coercion’ the Tipping Point Factor: i.e. that which tips the scale to Trusted from

Pi the Journey: Digital Transformation Brand to Business

Brand to Business: Digital Transformation Journey Brand to Business: Personal / Professional Branding Building a brand whether it be a business or a personal brand effectively requires certain elements to