Growth Strategies 2017: Employee Power in Connectivity

Find out Why Employee Power in Connectivity is the most vital part of your marketing mix for 2017 Brand Growth. The onset of digital has created a new world none

2017 Growth Strategy: Brand Your Staff

2017 Growth Strategy: Brand Your Staff Disruptive technology and digital transformation demand changes to marketing values and strategies: Millennials demand different: differentiate through unique strategies to make the most of

Consumer Adoption: Tipping Point of adoption of a product or service as the norm arrives when the collective have accepted as a majority   This is an embedded Microsoft Office

Collective Consciousness – The Tipping Point Theory The Tipping Point theory is based on that moment  when the collective consciousness of an ideal group kicks in to adopt an idea

The Tipping Point of Widespread Adoption

Acceptance of Brand: The Tipping Point of Widespread Adoption Depending on the Brand, product, service or ‘coercion’ the Tipping Point Factor: i.e. that which tips the scale to Trusted from

Customer Love

Customer Love : The most sought after and least respected commodity. I re-read an article today that I’d commented on a month ago about Customer Love. Everything makes sense but

The Five Fear Factors of Digital adoption

Tech innovation is terrifying us all: Why? During a recent conversation with a top executive in the digital stratosphere it became abundantly apparent that the digital world is causing fear

Whats your corporate ‘organic truth marketing’ score?

Organic Truth Marketing is the simple truth about your business. From the inside. Without malice. Your staff are talking about your business without saying a word. How they appear to