Racketeering Landlord – family of lawyers ousted for humanitarian rights violations

Landlord Racketeering family of Lawyers ousted by disruptive technology: Proving My Point My Thesis on Connectivity is the key to Poverty Alleviation is about to showcase itself in full colour.

Growth Strategies 2017: Employee Power in Connectivity

Find out Why Employee Power in Connectivity is the most vital part of your marketing mix for 2017 Brand Growth. The onset of digital has created a new world none

2017 Growth Strategy: Brand Your Staff

2017 Growth Strategy: Brand Your Staff Disruptive technology and digital transformation demand changes to marketing values and strategies: Millennials demand different: differentiate through unique strategies to make the most of

Bouncing back is one thing… but why do I have to keep bouncing back? I’ve been catapulted backwards several times as the victim of needless crime. Each assailant having a

Pi The Digital Branding Journey really began in January 2015. What I Think. An opportunity to break the silence. Opportunity squandered in August when left for other projects less worthy

Homeless Heroes teaching society that Giving is more important: Collective Ideology As a society we have so degraded ourselves to devalue a heartbeat above money. It’s a sadness that keeps

Employment is the common denominator across every sector of the economy. Without it business is doomed, the economy crashes Is there a solution to the Employment situation that is being

14 Oct 16 Pi the Journey

A quick slice of Journey #Pi The #Pi Journey in a little ‘canva.com’ .pdf turned slider thanks to the wonders of slideshare. All the kinky little assets we used to

I’m breaking the rules by doing everything the digital way. Startups Tax yourselves differently I’ve set up this ‘crazy scheme’ which allows me to do things my way. As my