Poverty Alleviation through disruptive technology and digital transformation

If you're seeing this...Predictive Ideology is morphing into more...A change of state
In search of my potential
I found the logical approach to Poverty Alleviation
Mixing in the cumulative experience I’ve gained through my journeys to create a matrix of business models, collaborative programmes and using what’s already working to best benefit the masses. I hope you’ll find something of interest.
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“Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you

as by the attitude you bring to life;

not so much by what happens to you

as by the way your mind looks at what happens.”

– Khalil Gibran

The contradictions in my journey

meet head on


Feeling to Understand


Instinctively Self Educating

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My Journey to Pi
visions of the future through poverty & privilege
Every incident, encounter, decision and adventure has shaped the way in which I view society, our responsibilities toward one another and how we can do things better.
I’ve inadvertently become a digital nomad, traversing the Western Cape of South Africa on an extraordinary odyssey. #Pi began with a traumatic burglary leaving me destitute.
My friends and family have watched me trip, fall, land in the mud face down, have helped me when they can but have constantly shook their heads in wander at why I had to choose this absurdly difficult journey. I ask myself the same question… until I meet another message…
I hope you enjoy the journey, become a part of THE COLLECTIVE and stay focused on building a better future that benefits the masses first.
Bonnie Crofford
‘Just a girl, looking for answers, finding a few and in the process discovering more questions’
#Pi Predictive Ideology :: The Business Side

Reaching My Potential

#Pi Thoughts

Add Value

Predictive Ideology
Covering Digital from every angle
Digital Transformation Journey
Digital Assets
Startups Journey
Millennial Marketing
Disruptive Technology
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In development:

A collective, collaborative work of a matrix of business models using a collection of the most valuable digital assets, technologically advanced innovations, tools and techniques available in the Digital era of Transformation in showcasing a logical approach to poverty alleviation

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A Tidbit to keep you keen… 

I hope.


I heard someone say the other day,

‘is easy to get out of.’

Hands up if you agree. Those who agree, how many of you have been in poverty? Real poverty? No hope poverty?


Well, because of my desire to know more I connect with an incredibly diverse group of people whom I actively learn from online whilst also encountering an alternately diverse group in my reality. Thus always learning from a very wide audience.

Poverty, in my view, is the circumference of the circle of life gone wrong.

We’re supposed to be living, breathing, laughing, loving and being productive in our days for the greater good… Not?

Instead we idolise a fictitious bartering system that’s very design has resulted in immense distress for the majority of the inhabitants of the planet. Plants and Animals included. If it weren’t for money the Rhino’s wouldn’t suffer,… the list goes on.

So when we remove the need for money what do we have left?

How much of your stress would be relieved should you remove money as a factor?

What would you do differently?

Don’t worry about why/how/what/ you live from /on… just imagine for a second that money is not a factor in your life. i.e. it is not a requirement to eat, sleep comfortably… and have what you need. Would you maintain your current frantic lifestyle? Or would you change to something less stressful, more productive, fruitful even?

Well, that’s kind of what I did. I took a good look at the way it is, was and is proposed to be. I realised that money is the malignancy in society that needs to be diluted in importance, to ensure that we can sustain ourselves now and in the future.

During my studies I’ve read articles, white papers, comments on and more surrounding ‘sustainable poverty alleviation solutions’ – an enormous amount of energy is spent on discussing the subject. The hoops I’d have to jump through to even get a look in from any reputable funding operation are insurmountable.

And again, money reigns supreme in making it happen, or not.


I can fix that… she says… with a little smile…

#Pi There is always a solution.

I hope you’ll join the #Pi journey, Bonnie Crofford.

Supporting the Moral Code
The economy is forming into a matrix of business models that circumvent obstacles to benefit the masses first.
Supporting the Moral Code
The Ideology forms the way in which we treat ourselves and everything we encounter.
Respect, Gratitude and Kindness are the mainstay of an ideological emotional path.
Supporting the Moral Code
The Lifestyle is an easy to follow plan to change your life to more of what and how you want it to be.
Productive, Proactive and Positive actions every day make the change. I’m living proof.
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/odYuIs7Y70 Tony Robbins - 3 Steps To Achieve Anything In Life Tony Robbins
19 September 2017
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/odYuIs7Y70 Tony Robbins - 3 Steps To Achieve Anything In Life Tony Robbins Motivation
19 September 2017
People buy people. Whilst people remain human, that is. #Pi Machines won't win over a genuine smile & integrity
18 September 2017
Oyster Mushrooms in the Test Kitchen @ Blake’s https://t.co/WvcYRRdRFh
18 September 2017
‘I want you to marinate my mushrooms’ https://t.co/lgh0Kevdgj
18 September 2017
The right people are not seeing this because they don't have access to the internet like they deserve.… https://t.co/xDbHHxLoy5
17 September 2017
RT @HireSAorg: Educational #NGO's/ #NPO's Submit Applications to Benefit From Hire SA’s Grants https://t.co/Mpm53NtRoR #JobAdviceSA #JobSee…
17 September 2017
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16 September 2017
Collaborations are essential to moving life forward for every citizen. #Pi @whatithinkza @HorbachBonnie Thank You… https://t.co/Op76LBJgQr
16 September 2017
RT @BruceVH: Don't count the things you do, do the things that count. - @TheZigZiglar https://t.co/YX8L23Nx8H
16 September 2017

Business: Profit + Purpose


Introducing Happy Food - All the colors of the rainbow in your diet every day. The Product module of Matrix of business models to demonstrate THE COLLECTIVE in Proof of Concept.

Profit + Purpose

From brand concept through to generating an income via digital asset sales to create a disruptive business model that works for the benefit of all: Food = Feeding People + Growing More = More Rain = Happy Earth.

Poverty Alleviation

Home Growers Circle

Excess Home Grown Edibles exchanged for Vouchers, turned into designer foods, seeds distributed to projects & nurseries for growing, seeds banks created for longevity & sustainability
Profit + Purpose Cashless Model in demonstrating logical approach to poverty alleviation with connectivity as the key to feeding millions globally.

Digital Transformation

From brand concept through to generating an income via digital asset sales to create a disruptive business model that works for the benefit of all

Digital Transformation

Speed Dial Branding

Digital Marketing Transformation with all the ups and downs recorded as they happen.
What it takes to brand yourself in a digital world in Africa

Digital Transformation

From brand concept through to generating an income via digital asset sales to create a disruptive business model that works for the benefit of all